Ruth spoke at the

2012 RCP Program
4th Annual International Conference on
Religion, Conflict, and Peace:
Walking The Talk To Compassion And Harmony

March 23-25 , 2012 ~ Dearborn, Michigan USA

Site:  Henry Ford Community College

FRIDAY, SESSION C: 3:15 - 4:15 pm

C 1: "Beyond Theories: Where the Rubber Meets the Road"
How does one apply the Golden Rule in situations where we try to respect everyone's religious tradition and practice, while it is obvious that a compromise has to be made. Who makes the compromise? Does someone always have to compromise for an amicable solution? We take an incident that happened among 3 women: a Hindu, Buddhist, and Jew, in which respecting the religious traditions of 1 woman would mean violating that of another. How do you solve these real life situations when applying the Golden Rule? An interactive workshop in which the incident is related, the group divides into smaller "pods" to discuss what should happen, and then shares their deliberations and discussions with the larger group.
- Ruth Broyde Sharone


G 3: "Listening with a Heart of Mercy"
Sharing the origin and development of a serious conflict that developed between the presenter and a Muslim colleague and how it was resolved using our religious teachings and values to get there. We will then divide up into small groups to speak about conflicts participants are facing in their own lives. This session was presented jointly at the global Parliament of World's Religions in Melbourne, Australia.
- Ruth Broyde Sharone